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St. Nick

Reservoir Pond, Ludlow, Vermont
January 21, 2023​

Yes, I sat on the bench

This picture was captured in January 2023 while visiting friends in Vermont that were living near Okemo Resort for the season. They have 2 dogs: Nick, who is featured in the calendar, and Odin, who unfortunately is not but isn’t really one for the spotlight. I lucked out and arrived right before a snowstorm that dropped over a foot of snow. In addition to being able to snowboard on fresh powder, I was able to enjoy a glimpse of an ideal New England winter with snow covered cottages, drooping evergreens, and a solid blanket of white across the mountains and valleys.


I took January's photo while taking the dogs out for a walk on my last morning there. Odin was more interested tracking a smell and was out of frame to my right. Nick always wanted to be close and after I sat on the bench enjoying the view I stepped back, I told him to stay, and snapped this shot before his patience ran out. After I put the dogs back in, I wandered around the pond to where it connected to a larger lake, called Lake Rescue. There was a vibrant red bridge and the water was cascading in an arc around the edge. It was a beautiful final scene to photograph before I drove south back to the mild, snowless winter of Virginia...

Andy in Okemo
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