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About Andy Stafford

I travel. Adventure happens. Photos follow.

I consider myself to be an adventurer who likes to capture his favorite views with a camera. I have had the privilege of traveling across most of the United States and some of the globe.  When I explore, I get a magical feeling that I cannot adequately express in words. My photos are an attempt to capture that emotional synergy of awe, discovery, peace, excitement, challenge, and of happiness. I strive to capture and share the world in a different light than most people see.

Explore and Enjoy!



Born and raised in western Albemarle County just outside of Charlottesville, Virginia, Andy started taking pictures at a young age on family road trips which ultimately led to 3 years of darkroom photography during high school. Attending Piedmont Virginia Community College, he received the Economics Award, and founded the photography club. Transferring to the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia, he graduated with a degree concentrating in Marketing and International Business.

After graduating, due to inspiration from the Banff Mountain Film Festival and a lifelong love of travel, he began his backpacking adventures around the world. Purchasing a digital camera before his first trip, he literally read the entire manual to learn how to use it properly and to its fullest potential. Most travellers thought he was crazy for lugging his heavy camera equipment everywhere he went and friends were annoyed whenever he would stop “for a minute” to take pictures for the next thirty. As all of his journeys were self-funded, Andy would primarily camp (he always carried a tent) or couchsurf to save money and to meet more locals. 

Largely influenced by the traditional works of Ansel Adams and everything between the covers of National Geographic, Andy initially focused primarily on capturing travel shots combined with what he would call “epic” landscapes. Through experimentation, he gradually increased his night photography, where he could be more creative with long exposures and scene lighting.

Thirty countries and tens of thousands of photos later, he has amassed not only amazing friends and memories from around the world, but a stunning portfolio of international works. As a member of the BozART Fine Art CollectiveAndy's prints can seen at exhibits and galleries around central Virginia.

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