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Fall's Final Light

Fall's Final Light

Humpback Rocks, Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia

October 27, 2022

This shot was annoying, but worth it. I knew this photo was possible because I’d seen it driving home along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Most of the time when I’ve driving home, I’m cold, hungry, tired, and don’t feel like jumping out and dodging traffic on a cliff*. However, with the fall colors being ridiculously good looking that year (2022), I knew I had to set aside time to make an attempt.

I don’t remember the exact circumstances of each failure (they were a mixture of clouds blocking the sunset, bad timing, and heavy traffic), but I can tell you that this was my 5th attempt to capture this view and it the last picture I got of the fall colors before they faded and the leaves dropped.

Below are other photos I took during the fall of 2022. 

*I was doing my best to handle taking a picture in the middle of the road as safely as possible. I’m very aware of people being idiots for photos and am determined not to be one. As soon as I heard a car, I got off the road and onto the other side of the fence, so there was no danger to me or the drivers.

Skyline Sunset
Fall's Final Light Landscape
Autumn Warmth
Blue Ridge Reds
Blue Ridge Parkway Vista
Shenandoah Sunset
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