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Skyline Sunset

Skyline Sunset

Skyline Drive, Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

October 17, 2022

The colors in the Fall of ‘22 were the best in recent memory and I visited the mountains frequently to enjoy them. I’ve explored much of the lower half of Shenandoah NP but had yet to take a photo that really captured the park as I see it. I had an idea of a shot that I wanted but did not know of a place to get it - so I went hunting for rocks.


As I drove up Skyline Drive, I was looking for prominent rocky outcroppings as they could provide a potential view. I found one north of Loft Mtn and stopped at the next overlook to map it out. I found a route, got on the AT, and when the time felt right, I turned off the trail. I did my best to upset the flora (which was mostly thorns) as little as possible and made my way towards the rocks I had seen.


After battling thorns for 20 minutes, I finally popped out to one of the best views I’ve seen. Gorgeous golden trees as far as the eye could see, lit up by a setting sun, as Skyline Drive snaked its way through. It was the most majestic scene I’ve ever seen in Virginia, and I’ve lived here my whole life.

Below are other shots I've captured from this view, one of my favorite places in Virginia

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